SOSNOVSKA showroom of spring/summer 20
men’s and women’s collection during Paris Fashion Week.

The showroom will be held from 20th to 24th of June 2019
Le Marais, Paris

For appointment and other enquiries :

SOSNOVSKA is avant-garde fashion brand which is focused on aesthetic vision in design, technology, high quality materials and perfection in tailoring.

Each element in garments created with balanced and deep sense and performed with a meticulous attitude for visible and hidden details. Selection of modern fabrics and materials with using accurate hand work, has influence on the strong silhouette.

Each item is individually manufactured entirely in the hands of one tailor and produced in our private atelier in Warsaw, Poland.

Our absolute focus on the internal process and respect for craftsmanship, provokes correct movement to the result.

For creation our clothes we use only high quality fabrics and materials.

These are simple and complex combinations of natural fibers and modern technology by high-quality manufacturers of fabrics and accessories from Italy who are interested in avant-garde and experiments with the preservation of luxury.

It engenders special vision in our creations and forms strong foundation
for philosophy of SOSNOVSKA.