Born in the last decade of Soviet industrial design era, Anna Sosnovska absorbs the turn of the era and lays it at the heart of her work.

Having worked her way up from a young designer, having consolidated her skills in catwalk collections, Anna moves on to create her own brand. In 2011, the brand SOSNOVSKA is born, which continues the development of the creative path, and is a combination of the two eras of 90s-2000s and the cultural transformation of society. The designer expresses her vision of topical processes through the prism of interaction of modern design and decayed post-soviet principles. She uses manual labor together with current technology. She destroys fixed roles and creates her own vision of the clothing design, its form and the interaction of the created image with the outside world.

Now Sosnovska – men’s, woomen’s and unisex fashion brand, creating clothes by special own technology, with difficult tailoring and thinkful design, with modern high-quality natural fabrics and materials. As a guide between the past and future, designer finds inspiration in that surrounds her – history, knowleges, emotions, music, person, and mood. Composing and combining these components on their filling, designer extracts the true values, which deeply embedded in SOSNOVSKA works, and create a complete atmosphere and image.

Each creation of SOSNOVSKA is manufactured individual with sophistication and passion. The quality of each fabric, unique particulars and processing is perfect finished from outer to inner details.