Unfocused Stripe Hoodie


Combined hoodie created from striped fabric and double knit waved jersey, with a big hood, horizontal stripes big patch pockets, enlonged jersey sleeves and wide contract strap on the back..

Model’s height is 1.86m/73.2inch, chest 84cm/33inch, waistband 80cm/31.5inch, hips 84cm/33inch. Wearing Medium (M) size.

  • Wide fit
  • Enlonged silhouette
  • Combined big hood
  • Horisontal stripes patch pockets
  • Wide contract strap on the back
  • Enlonged jersey sleeves
  • Combination of vertical and horizontal striped gray woolen cloth 92% wool 85 elastane
  • Double woven black jersey 95% cotton 5% elastane
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